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What is Fedi?
Fedi combines chat, money, and more in one private superapp, run by and for communities and their members.
It's built on top of Fedimint, a privacy and scaling solution for Bitcoin, interoperable with the Lightning Network, using Federated Chaumian Ecash.
Who These Docs Are For
These docs are for anyone who wants to explore Fedi and Fedimint as a solution for their community.
The Fedi app documentation covers the user flows and features of the Fedi app: chat, payments, mods, and more. Each section contains videos, screenshots, and in-depth explanations of how to use the app.
We've also set up simplified setup processes for running a Fedimint Guardian and Lightning Gateway on Mutinynet, a test network for Bitcoin with faster blocktimes where the coins hold no value, intended for developers and testers to experiment with setting up and running Federations themselves.
We're searching for disempowered community leaders who want to run their own Fedimint to help us test and improve the software. If you're interested in running a Fedimint yourself, setting up a Mutinynet Guardian and Gateway through these guides is a great way to get started.